About Vela Biotech

Vela Biotech started to make a revolution on orchards and Agroforesty sciences. There are good protection on any kind of seed production, No proper act and regulation on vegetative propagation Nursery. Sakthi Agri Businesses organized to supply 100 % quality full planting materials for Hi tech Orchards and Agro forestry areas. Vela Biotech will be guiding by experienced researchers & farmer professors.

Technology which is used to produce planting material is better than grown countries. We will be with farmers up to their success full farming with the Products of Vela Biotech. Vela nursery is exclusively for commercial plantation and Agro forestry development in farmers land. Vela Biotech planned to develop a best channel in between lab to land for Hi tech production methods on Orchards. At present farmers have to get good knowledge of Agro Forestry crops and their economic importance Vela Biotech will take care of extension work about Hi tech Orchards and Agro forestry development and their Economic importance along with good planting material supply. We hope it will be good service of Nation and farming community development

Aim and Objectives

• To produce the plants with Hi tech Propagation Technologies
• To develop intensive plantation methods with sustainable soil nutrient management
• To explore use full trees & their species for Bio mass energy, Paper production, Pencil and soft wood uses
• Precision technology for orchards development
• Precision Organic farming technologies and products
• To explore drought tolerant trees and Fruit crop selection for waste land development
• To make unexpected income with Fruit & Tree crops
• Global worming control by Tree and Energy crop developments
• To control soil erosion and water conservation by proper crop and canopy management on Agro forestry areas
• To create awareness on Tree crops and Hi tech orchards for better economic development
• Various Alley cropping methods, Multi tire cropping methods for various soil type and topography.
• To improve soil beneficial microorganisms by proper cropping paten
• To develop various ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY for soil health and consumer health development
• To develop low cost agri based Bio mass for Bio Ethanol production
• To develop Bio Energy crop varieties for semi arid lands